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Our LBF Consulting Journey........

The birth of LBF Consulting on 11 September 2008 saw an incredible start to the Supplier Diversity dialogue in Australia, the delivery and unfolding of many small, medium to large Indigenous businesses across Australia. The buzz of something new, fresh and creative, a bundle of hope in the air that would change the landscape of Indigenous Entrepreneurs and a conversation with Government and Corporate Australia.

11 September 2017 will see LBF Consulting celebrating 9 years in business. Along the way we have achieved many outcomes, faced challenges, went on highs and lows of the small business world, as naïve as I was back then nothing could have prepared me as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman dipping my toes into the small business world to see if I had a chance of making a go of it. I’d like to think I did!

Good experiences, bad experiences, people genuinely trying to help and people taking you for granted and even on a drive up the garden path to no where.  I’ve learnt from them all.  Like the stages in life, businesses are the same, you look for the opportunities to grow and at LBF Consulting we are doing just that, joining forces with Cogent Business Solutions to jointly build business capacity and capability, to be in a better position to deliver on client outcomes.  Our metamorphosis is called Murumal it means coming together and now operates out of Fyshwick in Canberra.

So we haven’t quite reached our destination, our journey has begun on a new path to uncover some remarkable opportunities.

So Cussa Yarwor for now (Goodbye until we meet again).

I look forward to you meeting our new team here at Murumal and if you’re ever in Canberra drop in some time for a yarn and a cuppa at our Fyshwick premises or give me a call on (02) 6189 1000.


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